Brenda 230Brenda Avery is our Academic Coordinator. After graduating from the College of Business in 2002, she is thrilled to be back on campus and part of the CSU community again! Brenda continues to be a lifelong learner and recently graduated with her Master of Science in Teaching and Learning as well as received her Student Affairs in Higher Education Certificate. You can contact Brenda at 970-491-5447 or






Horton_Katharine_230Katie Horton is our Communications Coordinator. In 2014, she received her Master of Arts in Biological Anthropology at Colorado State University and in 2010 she completed her Bachelor of Science in Biological Science with a concentration on Evolution, Genetics, and Systematics. Katie is currently a research assistant for The Africa Center and working on a livelihoods project with The Nature Conservancy. You can contact Katie at (970) 491-4635 or