Paleontology Field School


Wyoming’s Bighorn Basin holds fossilbearing sediments that date back to a time well before dinosaurs up through the Age of Mammals. Its early Cenozoic strata contain the ancestors of modern mammals – including the first artiodactyls (even-toed ancestors of deer, hippos, etc), the first perissodactyls (odd-toed ancestors of horses, rhinos, etc), the first rodents, and – importantly – the first true primates, Adapoidea and Omomyoidea.

Based out of Greybull, Wyoming, our paleontology field school students will learn how to identify fossil localities, map sections, and collect vertebrate fossils from the earliest Eocene beds in the Bighorn Basin in which extinct primates are known, and how to prospect for new fossil-bearing localities. We are excited to offer this new opportunity for our students.

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Out in the Field

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2015 Paleontology Field School Application