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Fall 2015 Online Anthropology and Geography Courses

Anthropology Courses

ANTH 100 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 120 – Human Origins and Variation

ANTH 121 – Human Origins and Variation Laboratory

ANTH 140 – Introduction to Prehistory

ANTH 200 – Cultures and the Global System (GT-SS3)

ANTH 313 – Modernization and Development

ANTH 330 – Human Ecology

ANTH 338 – Gender and Anthropology

ANTH 343 – Applied Medical Anthropology

ANTH 370 – Primate Behavior and Ecology

ANTH 400 – History of Anthropological Thought

ANTH 412 – Indians of North America

ANTH 415 – Indigenous Ecologies and the Modern World

ANTH 492A – Seminar – Archaeology: Gender and Archaeology

Geography Courses

GR 100 – Introduction to Geography (GT-SS2)

GR 311 – GIS for Social Scientists

GR 320 – Cultural Geography



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