Linguistics and Culture Interdisciplinary Minor

The Linguistics and Culture Interdisciplinary Minor is designed for students with a particular interest in language and its cultural interfaces. Its core is a pair of linguistics and anthropological linguistics courses, which are supported by courses in specific languages, and supplemented by elective courses in English, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, and Communication Studies. Courses address current and historical descriptive, theoretical, and pedagogical issues in linguistics, cultural anthropology, philosophy of language, non-verbal communication, and the relations between communication, language, and thought, providing students with a well-rounded program of study. The program is open to all students and is designed to be an addition to a student’s major. Colorado State University has linguistic and cultural expertise and this program provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to broaden their education as they prepare for graduate study or careers requiring an analytic understanding of the nature of language and its relations to thought and culture.

21-25 Credits

1)    Core Classes

2 Courses Required, 6 credits
Select ANTH335 Language and Culture and
E320 Introduction to the Study of Language

2)    Language

Must take 2 courses from one language group, 6-10 credits
Arabic: LARA105,107,200,201
Chinese: LCHI105,107,200,201
French: LFRE105,106,107,108,200,201,208
German: LGER105,107,108,200,201,208
Greek: LGRK105,107
Italian: LITA105,107,200,201
Japanese: LJPN105,107,200,201
Korean: LKOR105,107
Latin: LLAT105,107
Russian: LRUS105,107,200,201
Sign Language: LSGN105,107
Spanish: LSPA105,106,107,108,200,201,208

3)    Supporting Courses

3 courses required, 9 credits
Select from: ANTH100, E324, E326, E326, E327, E328, E329, LFRE312, LFRE326, LGER326, LSPA312, LSPA326, PHIL210, PHIL315, SPCM331 or SPCM431

4)    At least 12 credits must be upper division (300-400) level, may double count from requirements listed in 1-3 above

 Select from ANTH335, E320, E324, E326, E327, E328, E329, LFRE312, LFRE326, LGER326, LSPA312, LSPA326, PHIL315, SPCM331 or SPCM431