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The mission of the Anthropology Department at Colorado State University is:

  1. to offer and maintain instructional programs that provide an understanding of people and their cultures, past and present, and knowledge of their social, political, economic and environmental systems;
  2. to conduct research in our programmatic areas within the various sub-disciplines of anthropology, in order to advance and expand knowledge of the field of anthropology;
  3. to participate actively in programs of interdisciplinary research. One of the ways we accomplish these things is through the synergistic effects of an active program of field and laboratory research and the teaching and training of students.

To fulfill our mission, the Department of Anthropology currently has 12 full-time faculty, including two Geographers. Six of these also serve as advising faculty in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology (GDPE), and three are advising faculty within the Sociology Department. Currently, we have 234 undergraduate majors, 105 undergraduate minors and 69 master’s students.

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