Students in Jason La Belle's Anth460-660 Archaeology Field School class work on a dig at a Fort Collins natural area. June 10, 2011

The archaeology program at Colorado State University focuses on the Americas and includes prehistoric and historic archaeology.


The expertise of existing faculty in Archaeology at CSU includes:


 Rocky Mountain and Plains Archaeology

 Paleo-Indian Studies

 Hunter-Gatherer Ecology



Public Archaeology

 Andean Archaeology

 Inca and Spanish Empires

 Mining Communities

 Mesoamerican Archaeology

 Landscape Archaeology

Legacies of Resilience Project (LORE-LPG)


Special resources include the Center for Mountain and Plains Archaeology; the Archaeology Lab; the MesoAmerican lab; and the Cultural Resources section of the Center for the Ecological Study of Military Lands.  The archaeology program sponsors an annual field school each summer and houses the CSU Archaeological Repository.  Existing faculty also have geographic foci significant to their research.  Research areas include Colorado, Bolivia, Peru, Honduras and Mexico.


Archaeology Courses at CSU


Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Prehistory

Introduction to Field Archaeology

Archaeology of North America

Archaeology of Europe and Africa


Colorado Prehistory

Archaeological Investigation

Hunter-Gatherer Ecology

Andean Archaeology and Ethno history

Archaeology of Mesoamerica

Impacts on Ancient Environments

Great Plains Archaeology

Archaeology and the Public

Lithic Technology

Field Class in Archaeology

Anthropological Report Preparation


Archaeology Seminar in Mesopotamian Prehistory

Heritage Resource Management


Graduate Courses

Seminar in Archaeological Method

Seminar in Archaeological Theory

Regional Prehistory: Great Plains

Regional Prehistory: Great Basin

Regional Prehistory: Southwestern

Historical Archaeology

Archaeology of Complex Societies

Ecological and Social Agent0-based Modeling

Paleoindian Archaeology

Field Methods in Training in Online Environments

Field Archaeology


The Archaeology concentration offers a broad background that can prepare students for a number of occupations. Our graduates have found opportunities in public, private and government sectors.  Potential jobs include cultural resource management (CRM) and museum positions.


Many careers do require additional coursework and education and a number of our students go on to immediately pursue advanced degrees.


Archaeology faculty members are Dr. Chris FisherDr. Jason LaBelle and Dr. Mary Van Buren.