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  • Here’s a photo of Dr. Snodrass (in the center) and some CSU students in his virtual worlds research team, these are our avatars in the gaming world Guild Wars 2.

    Online Gaming Survey

    Enjoy playing MMOs or other online games?
    Please feel free to respond to Dr. Snodgrass and his research team’s Online Gaming Survey!!

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    Stress linked to chromosomal damage, PNAS publication

    Dr. Jeffrey Snodgrass, cultural anthropologist, & interdisciplinary CSU research team publish results from project in India.

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    Media FAQ for the UTL Mosquitia, Honduras project

    Project personnel include Dr. Chris Fisher & Dr. Stephen Leisz, archaeologist & geographer in the Department of Anthropology.

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    AAA’s Global Climate Change Task Force

    Task Force members, including Dr. Kathleen Galvin, concluded in the final report that human decisions, actions, and cultural behaviors are now the most important causes of the rapidly changing climate.

“Anthropology is the most humanistic of the sciences and the most scientific of the humanities” – Alfred L. Kroeber

The Department of Anthropology houses a diverse faculty that includes cultural anthropologists, archaeologists, biological anthropologists, and geographers whose scholarship spans the breadth of human experience. The discipline of anthropology is concerned with the human condition as well as the structure of the social, environmental, political and economic contexts within which humans operate. Thus, anthropology is both varied and integrative, drawing from geography, biology, humanities, and other social and natural sciences. The anthropology and geography faculty at CSU conduct research from all over the world.



Dr. Snodgrass & alumnus Dr. Dengah awarded NSF Grant

EAGER: A Biocultural Study of the Functional Genomics of Intensive Internet Use
National Science Foundation BCE #: 1600448, awarded Nov. 16, 2015


CFS_Group Photo 2 (Paul Knowles)

Archaeology Field School 2015

During the summer 2015 field season, Dr. Mark Mitchell, Research Director of the Paleocultural Research Group, was asked to run the Department of Anthropology Archaeology Field School with the assistance of Chris Johnston and Julia Kenyon, two graduate students working with Dr. Jason LaBelle, Associate Professor of Archaeology in the Department of Anthropology.


Kellyn Davis

Summer in Koobi Fora: Amanda Jones Field School Award

Kellyn Davis, a senior anthropology major, received the Amanda Jones Field School Award from the Department of Anthropology to attend a six-week paleontology field school in Koobi Fora, Kenya.


Bikunis school_340

Applied Anthropology: Dr. Tellechea talks about experience in Sri Lanka and Maldives

by Dr. Teresa Tellechea, Instructor, Department of Anthropology

As a cultural and medical anthropologist, Dr. Tellechea has professional field work experience in various applied settings. Most recently, she worked in Sri Lanka and Maldives for the last two years. She lived in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where she worked at the US Embassy as a Political Officer covering in Sri Lanka and Maldives for the State Department.


37 - 2015 Crew, front - Johnson, Renouf, Stephens, standing - Lake, Benson, Bassett, Bown, Nichols, Rodwell, Wise,Tompkins (image Knowles)_500

Paleontology Field School 2015

The 2015 Paleontology Field School was extremely successful. This year’s crew set a record for field accessioned fossil specimens (over 500), assisted with quarrying (a first for the field course), and helped to determine the boundaries and potential of one of the most important Colorado State University field localities.


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