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    The Amanda Jones Field Study Abroad Award

    In honor of CSU anthropology alumna (’13) Amanda ‘Mandy’  Jones , the Department of Anthropology is pleased to invite applications for the Amanda Jones Field Study Abroad Award.

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    A Vacation from Your Mind

    Cultural Anthropologist, Dr. Jeffrey Snodgrass, takes a look at how video games have positive and negative effects on a player’s stress levels.

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    Flood Recovery in Northern Colorado

    Cultural Anthropologist, Dr. Kate Browne, and her class do substantive research in disaster recovery which has the potential to shape future recovery efforts.

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    Ancient Cemetery Sheds Light on the Purepecha Empire

    “The discovery of this mortuary complex provides a unique lens through which we can examine changes in health, status and well-being during a period of rapid social change that is associated with the formation of the Purépecha Empire.”

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    Who’s Afraid of Evolution?

    Read on our blog why anthropologists need to take more responsibility for teaching evolution.

“Anthropology is the most humanistic of the sciences and the most scientific of the humanities” – Alfred L. Kroeber

The Department of Anthropology houses a diverse faculty that includes cultural anthropologists, archaeologists, biological anthropologists, and geographers whose scholarship spans the breadth of human experience. The discipline of anthropology is concerned with the human condition as well as the structure of the social, environmental, political and economic contexts within which humans operate. Thus, anthropology is both varied and integrative, drawing from geography, biology, humanities, and other social and natural sciences. The anthropology and geography faculty at CSU conduct research from all over the world.


Paleosols, Willwood Formation,  55-53 mya, Bighorn Basin (photo, Lucas Weaver)

CSU Anthropology Student Research: Early Eocene Primates in Bighorn Basin

Luke Weaver, an anthropology major with a minor in geology, presented his capstone research project, “Lateral and temporal distribution of early Eocene primates in relation to relative paleosol maturity, Willwood Formation, Bighorn Bason, Wyoming,” at the Western Association of Vertebrate Paleontologists (WAVP) Conference



Bison to be reintroduced to Soapstone Natural Area, home to Lindenmeier Folsom site

Bison are being reintroduced to Soapstone Natural Area on National Bison Day, November 1, 2015.


Group Picture ISSC Workshop

International Workshop on Sustainability held by Dr. Kathleen Galvin

Kathleen Galvin held an international workshop January 28-31, 2015 on Dryland Collaborative Institutions and Innovative Transformations to Sustainability.



CSU Anthropology Student Publishes an Ethnographic Cookbook

As part of her senior Honors thesis, Dr. Snodgrass’ Colorado State University Honors Program student, Madison Brandt, has created and self-published an ethnographic cookbook.



New Class Offering: The Anthropology of Science and Technology (ANTH380A1)

The CSU Department of Anthropology is pleased to announce a new course: The Anthropology of Science and Technology (ANTH380A1). Register on Ramweb for this spring semester now.


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