“Anthropology is the most humanistic of the sciences and the most scientific of the humanities”

– Alfred L. Kroeber 





"The education and real-world experiences that I received via the CSU Department of Anthropology provided the framework for success."

– Daniel Jepson '88




"The many valuable skills learned in the Department of Anthropology allowed me to interview, write and present a holistic picture of the client to the court… I learned to observe, take thorough notes, notice nonverbal interactions, and write concisely."

– Nancy Higgins ‘77




"Each and every one of my professors was so dedicated to their work and it was impossible to walk away from a class and not carry that enthusiasm with me."

– Brooklyn Motz ‘06




"My experience in the Department of Anthropology at Colorado State University helped pave a path that I never imagined would be my own and has provided me the opportunity to continue a life I find to be meaningful and fulfilling."

– Josh Bassarear ‘12