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    Stress linked to chromosomal damage, PNAS publication

    Dr. Jeffrey Snodgrass, cultural anthropologist, & interdisciplinary CSU research team publish results from project in India.

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    Media FAQ for the UTL Mosquitia, Honduras project

    Project personnel include Dr. Chris Fisher & Dr. Stephen Leisz, archaeologist & geographer in the Department of Anthropology.

  • AAA GCCTF_Picture_HomeFeature

    AAA’s Global Climate Change Task Force

    Task Force members, including Dr. Kathleen Galvin, concluded in the final report that human decisions, actions, and cultural behaviors are now the most important causes of the rapidly changing climate.

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    Flood Recovery in Northern Colorado

    Cultural Anthropologist, Dr. Kate Browne, and her class do substantive research in disaster recovery which has the potential to shape future recovery efforts.

  • evolution

    Who’s Afraid of Evolution?

    Read on our blog why anthropologists need to take more responsibility for teaching evolution.

“Anthropology is the most humanistic of the sciences and the most scientific of the humanities” – Alfred L. Kroeber

The Department of Anthropology houses a diverse faculty that includes cultural anthropologists, archaeologists, biological anthropologists, and geographers whose scholarship spans the breadth of human experience. The discipline of anthropology is concerned with the human condition as well as the structure of the social, environmental, political and economic contexts within which humans operate. Thus, anthropology is both varied and integrative, drawing from geography, biology, humanities, and other social and natural sciences. The anthropology and geography faculty at CSU conduct research from all over the world.



Charles Musiba, Guest Lecture :: Laetoli World Heritage Site

The Department of Anthropology would like to invite you to attend What is new at Laetoli World Heritage Site: Do we really need research and new conservation strategy for the Laetoli footprints?, a guest lecture by Charles Musiba on April 24 at 3:00 p.m. in Grey Rock Room, LSC.


Leigha Bohn

Fulbright U.S. Student Award to Argentina

Leigha Bohn, a senior cultural anthropology student at Colorado State University, has been selected for the 2015-2016 Fulbright U.S. Student Award to Argentina.



Julie Esdale, Guest Lecture :: CSU-CEMML’s Archaeology in Alaska: Research & Cultural Resources Management on Army Lands

The Department of Anthropology would like to invite you to attend CSU-CEMML Archaeology in Alaska: research and cultural resources management on military lands, a guest lecture by Julie Esdale.


School of Global Environmental Sustainability at Colorado State

Dr. Galvin member of Global Climate Change Task Force

The final report of the American Anthropological Association’s Global Climate Change Task Force concluded that human decisions, actions, and cultural behaviors are now the most important causes of the rapidly changing climate. “We’re not going to solve our environmental problems until we incorporate the social sciences, because it starts with people,” said Dr. Kathleen Galvin, professor in the Department of Anthropology and one of the small number of researchers selected as a task force member.


Photo Credit: Erin Hull/The Coloradoan

In support of CSU’s contingent faculty

Faculty and staff at Colorado State University showed positive support for contingent faculty members on February 25, 2015. Dr. Ann Magennis, a biological anthropologist in the Department of Anthropology, said that she supports her colleagues “because they are not getting the pay, recognition, or job security they deserve.”


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