• saa

    Dr. Richard Adams Talks High Altitude Archaeology

    The idea that high altitudes and mountains are “untrammeled by man” is turned on its head.

  • Olduvai

    Olduvai Gorge

    Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania cuts through the modern Serengeti plains and is unique in preserving a nearly continuous record of human prehistory over the last two million years. Help support students to do a field school there!

  • Paleo

    Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

    A number of fossil records have been found by our field school students in the Big Horn Basin in Wyoming. The hands-on opportunities that our courses provide give our students real-word experience.

  • Kate Bob Edwards

    Do Anthropologists Have a Role?

    More than 20,000 homes were lost in the recent floods across Colorado and Dr. Kate Browne, cultural anthropologist and disaster recovery researcher, discusses both the impacts of the flood and what role anthropology might play.

  • Steve L and Lobo

    Under the Canopy

    Professors, Chris Fisher and Steve Leisz are working on a project in Honduras to uncover what is long-rumored to be the ancient civilization of la Cuidad Blanca.

“Anthropology is the most humanistic of the sciences and the most scientific of the humanities” – Alfred L. Kroeber

The Department of Anthropology houses a diverse faculty that includes cultural anthropologists, archaeologists, biological anthropologists, and geographers whose scholarship spans the breadth of human experience. The discipline of anthropology is concerned with the human condition as well as the structure of the social, environmental, political and economic contexts within which humans operate. Thus, anthropology is both varied and integrative, drawing from geography, biology, humanities, and other social and natural sciences. The anthropology and geography faculty at CSU conduct research from all over the world.



CSU Anthropology at the SAA Conference

Our faculty are heading out to Austin, Texas to present their research findings from 4/23 to 4/27. Click “More…” to learn where you can find them.



Photos from the Red Mountain Field Trip

The photos from Dr. Jason LaBelle‘s ANTH456 (The Public and Archaeology) field trip, where they discovered two points, and a several newly exposed features, are up! Not bad for a four-hour hike! (See Red Mountain photos here)


History Colorado Summer Group Sales Education Internship

Deadline for this paid summer internship with History Colorado is May 2nd, 2014! (Click here for more info).

A student looks at specimens in the Benedict Alpine Laboritory.

Fall Registration for Online Plus starts May1st, 2014!

Summer registration is still open! (For more information, click here)

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Paleontology Field School Application Deadline Extended

Great news! The Paleontology Field School application deadline has been extended. It’s going to be a great opportunity to dig up Eocene primates, so don’t miss out! Find out more here.

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